October 8, 2018

How’d we get to the New World?

There is a great stylistic divide in the world of wine between the Old World and the New World. The distinction is drawn between places, but not necessarily bound by place. The difference is between styles of wine, and between understandings of wine’s place in the various cultures. Old World wines tend to be less sweet, more subtle, more prone to ageing, and better suited to classic cuisine. Old World wines are meant to be taken with food, and some are even meant to age for 15 years before they are enjoyable. Wine from the old world occupies an important cultural place, where the old ways are respected, and wine tradition is bigger than any individual label or winemaker. It is a tradition to be respected and ma...

September 3, 2018

I am a wine person. I have spent hours drinking wine and talking about wine with other wine people. It’s a natural impulse for people to try to describe the delicious new things they consume. All men and women, by nature, desire to know. When wine is involved, this natural pursuit can get weird. The occasion usually begins harmlessly enough, with folks tossing around words like rich, bold, or crisp. Easy enough, and “yeah, this wine is a little smoky!”

Then someone says tannic grip. Oh boy, here we go.

The gates of winespeak have opened, and everyone has something different to say about each sip. I have heard (and uttered) any number of strange notes. Among the highlights: stemmy, mineralic, freshly dried lavender (how is this possible?), die...

August 2, 2018

Ciao, amici!

August’s theme for wine tastings is “Italian Locations.” Italy is known the world over as home to the finest wines being made today. I want to bring some of that tradition to the table this month at Lamberti’s.

Italy has made strides to protect the great traditions that have sprung up in wine making regions across the country. Knowing a little about the law can help you pick out the right wine (even if you don’t speak Italian!), and gain some appreciation for just what goes into each bottle. In Italy, there are four basic divisions: IGP, IGT, DOC, and DOCG.

Before we delve into detail, keep in mind that these divisions are NOT straight indicators of quality. Rather, they tell you about how and where the wine was made. It’s true th...

July 10, 2018

Ciao, amici!

Have you heard? The month of July is all about Island wines at Lamberti’s. So even if you can't visit one of these beautiful islands in person this summer, we have the perfect wines picked out for you and your friends to feel like you're on an island escape.

As y’all may know, the most important influence on any wine is its terroir, or the conditions under which the grapes grow. Elevation, drainage, rainfall, sunshine, frost, soil type, etc. all determine the qualities of the final product in each bottle. Certain parts of the world enjoy ideal conditions for wine growing, and have therefore gained fame as the “home” of certain great wines. Think Tuscany or Bordeaux. These places have consistently ideal conditions for particular t...

April 5, 2018

Ciao amici!

It was an absolute pleasure enjoying the various varietals of Bordeaux with you throughout last month. As the weather warms up, we change gears to something a little bit lighter, and a little more relaxed. On we go to a warm and welcome springtime.

Now, I love to geek out and give the details on each month’s wines, but a wine doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive to be delicious and perfect for the occasion. As the weather warms up (especially in Texas), my inclinations turn toward the outdoors. It’s time to be outside, enjoying the sunshine and greenery, before the Texas mosquitoes move in for summer. So many times wine is treated as a serious, inside-only beverage. The fact is, people have been enjoying wine in warm climates sin...

January 25, 2018

Hello again wine lovers! It has been my pleasure to connect with you over a glass of Pinot at our wine tastings this past month, and I’m very excited to share something special with you during the month of February.

We are off to Verona! The city of Verona is famous the world over, thanks in no small part to the Bard himself, William Shakespeare. The winemaking areas around Verona are also world-famous, but for a slightly different reason. The winemaking regions around the Italian “City of Love” have been producing unique (and delicious) wine for centuries, and are home to specialized winemaking techniques that are impossible to reproduce elsewhere. The beauty, history, and culture (not to mention our Lamberti family ties) of the city make i...

January 2, 2018


It’s time to kick off the New Year right… so bring on the wine! Tastings will begin Thursday, January 4th at 4 PM at Lamberti’s. January is Pinot Noir month, and we will bring in a featured Pinot Noir each week, tasting it side by side with related Pinot Noirs from our wine list.

Where a wine comes from is just as important as any other aspect of wine making. Most wine regions through history grew what worked best in that region, without any special attention to which varietal or clone happened to be there. The best wine is the wine that works there. Drinking wine connects us to the place it comes from. Pinot Noir happens to thrive in Burgundy, and is finding lovely homes in California and Oregon, as well as across the globe. So let’s...

December 21, 2017

Ciao, amici! Hello, friends! My name Is Michael Malpiedi, and I am Maestro di Vino at Lamberti’s. As we ring in the New Year, we have some great news to share with you! We will be adding lots of new and interesting wines to our wine list, and, even more importantly, introducing weekly wine tastings at the restaurant, exclusive wine dinners, and wine classes for our aspiring connoisseurs! Every month, our tastings will follow a particular theme, whether it be a varietal, region or even terroir.

Each month, I will provide news and updates on the wine theme for that month, as well as giving you a preview of the wines for the wine tastings, announcements about new wines added to the Lamberti’s Wine List, as well as our most exclusive wine dinner...

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