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December 21, 2017


Ciao, amici! Hello, friends! My name Is Michael Malpiedi, and I am Maestro di Vino at Lamberti’s. As we ring in the New Year, we have some great news to share with you! We will be adding lots of new and interesting wines to our wine list, and, even more importantly, introducing weekly wine tastings at the restaurant, exclusive wine dinners, and wine classes for our aspiring connoisseurs! Every month, our tastings will follow a particular theme, whether it be a varietal, region or even terroir.


Each month, I will provide news and updates on the wine theme for that month, as well as giving you a preview of the wines for the wine tastings, announcements about new wines added to the Lamberti’s Wine List, as well as our most exclusive wine dinners!


In Vino Veritas


What is it about wine that has such a power to bring friends and family together, to transport us to another culture and time, and just make us take a breath and enjoy the simple things? Unlike so many things today in our fast-paced, digital lives, wine cannot be uploaded or outsourced. Every bottle of wine belongs to a particular place. It carries with it the fingerprints of everyone who grows and tends the grapes, masterfully crafts the wine, bottles it, and finally serves the finished product. The experience of a bottle (or glass) of wine is a glimpse into the culture, time and place it came from. At Lamberti’s, we will bring that world to you in a glass.


If It Grows Together, It Goes Together!


Wine lovers know that great wines are made better by great food, and vice versa. How do you know what to pair a wine with? Well, as they say, “if it grows together, it goes together.” Food and wine is no exception!  In some cases, traditional regional cuisines and the wines of those regions evolved together over the course of centuries, so they were quite literally made for each other.


To that end, Lamberti’s pairs our wines with our signature dishes in mind.


The “5 P's” - Learning the Essentials of Any Wine


“What are the 5 P's?” To  know the Place, Profile, Price, Pronunciation, and Pairing of a wine, you will understand everything it has to offer. So let’s dive into what each of the 5 P's mean:


  1. Place: This is important for two reasons. Firstly, each place provides a unique environment with its own conditions and a certain culture that goes along with it. Wine is heavily influenced by environmental factors and the growing and ageing conditions. Knowing a wine’s origin can offer insight into what tastes and smells we can expect to find in the wine. Secondly, the culture a wine is part of lends context to the drink as part of that culture. For example, did you know that only 2 grape varietals are grown in Burgundy? The vigneron, winemaker, in this region believes more in bringing out the expression of a wine’s terroir as the dominant influence in the flavor. On the other hand, there are dozens of varietals grown in Napa alone.

  2. Profile: This refers to the tasting notes of each wine, and no, “Grape-flavored” isn’t usually one of the notes! In the profile of a wine, you will learn things like the primary aromas which come from the type of grape and terroir (fruits, herbal and floral aromas), secondary aromas derived from the wine-making process (i.e. fresh baked bread and lager, sour cream and yogurt), and tertiary aromas that arise from aging in oak or in the bottle (clove, vanilla, baking spices, etc.). Knowing the profile and the unique flavors in each wine helps us tailor our wine choices to the food our guests enjoy, or simply helps us pick a wine that’s especially appealing to our palates!

  3. Price: This one is a little tricky since price doesn’t always dictate quality. It can, however, be helpful in indicating the kind of experience our guests are looking for. Simply put, an informal happy hour with some of the lower priced wines can be just as enjoyable as a sit-down 5-course cena. It’s all about the experience!

  4. Pronunciation: I know what you’re thinking, some of those French wines can be rather difficult to read, let alone pronounce. But ask your server, and do your best! Even something as simple as pronouncing the name of the wine helps bring us closer to the culture associated with that wine, and is a tribute to those who made it. Perhaps more importantly, knowing the pronunciation is essential to ordering your favorite wine by name and recommending it to your friends. Good wine deserves to be ordered by name!

  5. Finally, Pairing. Wine and food pairing preferences can be very individual based on personal taste. However, we can’t deny that there are just certain foods and wines that were made for each other. When you find a perfect pairing, it truly does bring out the best in both the wine and the food. So whether you start with picking the wine first or the food first, both should complement each other for a truly other-worldly experience.


So there you have it! Come experience the 5 P's for yourself- EVERY THURSDAY from 5:30 to 7:30


Sip, Smile, Repeat.


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