February in Verona

January 25, 2018


Hello again wine lovers! It has been my pleasure to connect with you over a glass of Pinot at our wine tastings this past month, and I’m very excited to share something special with you during the month of February.


We are off to Verona! The city of Verona is famous the world over, thanks in no small part to the Bard himself, William Shakespeare. The winemaking areas around Verona are also world-famous, but for a slightly different reason. The winemaking regions around the Italian “City of Love” have been producing unique (and delicious) wine for centuries, and are home to specialized winemaking techniques that are impossible to reproduce elsewhere. The beauty, history, and culture (not to mention our Lamberti family ties) of the city make it a perfect fit for our celebrations at Lamberti’s this February.


Verona Wines


Veronese wine is not limited to one style. In fact (as you can see on the map), there are four distinct wine regions surrounding and supporting the city, each divided into even smaller regions, each with their own specialty. All the wines produced here are named after the place they come from, which speaks volumes to how the people view wine throughout the culture. Throughout the month of February, we will be sampling various styles of wines from a multitude of locations. Verona offers us a variety and pride in wine that very few other regions can.




The most famous wine produced around Verona is Amarone. Amarone wines are produced in Valpolicella, which is a region north of the city. To make amarone, the winemaker lays out the grapes on huge indoor mats just after harvest, and allows them to dry out ever so slightly. As the water leaves the grapes, they begin to wrinkle like raisins, and the juice inside gets syrupy and concentrated. After the grapes have waited long enough, they are pressed and made into wine. The result is rich, opulent wine that can age for decades. The process is so labor-intensive that most Amarones are reserved for Sunday night dinners or special occasions only. We are going to be offering a few different amarones, including a very special one from house Masi for our special Valentine’s Week tasting menu.


Torre dei Lamberti


Verona is also special to us, because it is home to Torre dei Lamberti, the tallest castle tower in all of Verona. The tower has kept watch over the magical city (and many acres of vineyards) since the 12th century AD. In honor of our special place in Verona, and Verona’s special place in our hearts, we will offer wine produced by house Lamberti itself as part of our Valentine’s menu, and during certain tastings this month. These are but a select few of the many wonderful wines we are proud to offer throughout February. I invite you to join us next month for a tasting, and look forward to the special events surrounding Valentine’s Day.




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